Average Lifespan 70 yrs
Eye Color Yellow, blue, brown
Skin/Fur/Feather Colors Brown, Black
Grey, White, Copper
Diet Carnivorous
Affiliation Nyova Alliance
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
The Wolv'n are the wolf-like people of Nyova. They have a strong sense of freedom and unity within their packs and always stick together as a group.


Wolv'n are canine creatures that walk on two legs, are covered in fur ranging from greys, brown, and white. Their mouths are full of razor-sharp canine teeth that indicates them as meat-eaters. Their paws have padding and curved claws. They walk on two legs but do have the ability to walk on all four, as most Nyovan species do. They have fluffy, feather-like tails.

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