General Information
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Age 17
Family Darkwing- Sister
Eye Color Sky Blue
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Personality and AppearanceEdit

Windsong is kind and gentle, but also naive and inexperienced, which is exactly why she was assigned to Shadowstorm. She is a strong fighter and a good flyer, but also a Fydiga Drakoan. Drakoans who reside up north in the snowy areas. Windsong is easily made angry and does not have any magic within her. So she is not a threat when made angry. When Windsong gets older she will rise to become leader of the Fydiga Drakoans. She has white fur with dark grey hair and black horns. She has blue, cat-like eyes and her legs have an extra knee which gives her extra stamina and speed. Her wings are a webbed-feathered mix and her tail is tipped with feathers that she can fold and unfold as she flies.


Windsong is impervious to any ice or snow attacks but she is 100% vulnerable to fire attacks. Her eyes can detect heat signatures through the thick ice sheets. And her fur blends her into the ice and snow perfectly. She has sixteen canines in her mouth unlike most Drakoans who have only twelve. She has exeptional skills in bow and arrow shooting and can throw a bola with remarkable skill. Being an Ambush class like Shadowstorm, she is able to fly and fight with great speed.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Windsong was originally a slate-colored drakoan with all feathered wings. when the idea that only Solas Angels had feathers came up i had to change her design. I realize the name Windsong is not original, but Windsong's name will be changed when she becomes alpha of the Fydigas.

Dragonlich The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack 00:51, September 3, 2012 (UTC)

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