Weres are the half-breeds of Nyova. Native to Drakoa and Argona, they have a strong sense of loyalty and interconnectedness. There are many kinds of Weres inhabiting Nyova, including werewolf, werebadger, and many others.


Werewolves are the wolf-people native to south and western Drakoa. They inhabit the dense forests and grasslands covered in beautiful waterfalls and small streams, much like where most Drakoans live. Like Argonauts, Werewolves have had


a strong friendship with Drakoans for eons. Some Werewolf and Drakoan packs have even united to become one. Werewolves favor long-range weapons like arrows and slingshots. They have a magical, mysterious history. Alpha males have long, manes and females are sleek and agile. Most Werewolves tattoo their fur to mark their status and wear different leather outfits to symbolize their rank within the pack. White Werewolves are exceedingly mysterious and rare. They appear to share a secret or two with a certain individual and disappear when the wind blows by.


Werebadgers are a brave, noble race that dwell in the snow-covered northern regions of Drakoa and Argona. Color schemes range from black and white to grey and black. Werebadgers wear feathers and Snow Stalker hide to blend in with the snow-covered trees. Werebadgers often hide under the piles of snow and strike when unwary prey or an uninvited guest appears. Badgers often carry spears and daggers as melee weapons. Werebadgers are very tall, muscular beings that prefer brute strength over agility, and this often leads to defeat in the heat of battle unless the aquired the aid of a sleeker species.


Weretigers are the muscle of the werecats. Like Werebadgers they live in snowy areas and strike by surprise. Unlike Werebadgers however, they do not always require brute strength to win battles. Weretigers often use spears and swords as primary weapons and ride Lion-horses on hunting trips and into battle. Weretigers enjoy swimming and normally live behind long frozen waterfalls. Weretigers normally live up to 700 earth years ans shamans live up to 800 earth years. Weretigers, like all other werecreatures, belive in the deity the Creator. Which is basically another name for the Drakoan/Argonaut deity Dryga.


Werelions are the proud, honorable warriors among werecats. Werelions are the warriors that would fight with honor and humility in battle. They would wear thick coats of armor crafted of different bones of different animals. These coats of armor are only worn by the Alpha Lion. Male lions have long manes like the rays of the sun and females don raven and/or eagle feathers. Werelions are distrustful of most drakoans because they do not have the "Trait of Absolute Loyalty". When there came the time that the Nyova Alliance needed to be rebuilt, the Lions hesitantly refused.

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