This page is for the rules of The Chronicles of Drakoa Wiki Chat Room aka the War Room.


  1. Do not discuss controversal subjects such as politics and religion as that can lead to arguing.
  1. Do not spam or insult other users because that also causes flaming. 
  2. Do not bring your problems or arguments into public chat or enter chat so you can simply fight there instead of another wiki.
  3. When someone is acting up in chat, warn them of their behavior first.
  4. Do not spam message walls or chat rooms
  5. Do not curse in chat or use any sort of vulgar language. Though mild words on the level of "damn", "hell" or "ass" are permitted.
  6. If a user asks you to cease acting obnoxiously, please respect their wishes and stop.
  7. Do NOT be a grammar nazi. Believe it or not, Grammar Nazis are trolls.
  8. It is preferred you speak English if you can, but other languages are also permitted.
  • Admins should do their best not to humiliate users in public chat. It is not convienient for anyone and sometimes leads to worse matters.*


Subjects to avoid speaking of include:

  1. religion
  2. politics
  3. personal problems
  4. relationships. This is not a dating site. Do not ask anyone to "go out with you" in chat or messages.
  5. Personal Information (i.e email addresses, names, home addresses, IP addresses, posting pictures of yourself, etc)
  6. Sex or sexually related subjects

Admin GuidlinesEdit

To become an admin you must...

  1. Edit frequently
  2. Find a place on the TCOD Team
  3. Not ask to be an admin. That will definitely not get you a place on the team.
  4. Only Team members are Admins on this wiki or the dA group.
  5. Keep ban lengths short unless absolutely necessary.
  6. Try to be as fair as possible. And we what we mean by that is try not to be a big stick in the mud while also maturely keeping the peace on the wiki.
  7. If you fit all of the categories but finding a place on the team you may be eligible for chat mod or rollback status.
  8. Do not break our own rules. We try to practice what we preach here.

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