I've been snooping through audio files from Two Steps From Hell on channel on Sindrannaras' Channel on YouTube. He mixes the most epic music I've ever heard on the face of the earth! If you have a YouTube, go and sub him! Anywho, he mixes music together and I've gotta say, they've made me think and choose what music to use for an animated trailer for The Chronicles of Drakoa. When I find the time in my busy schedule, I am planning on creating an animated YouTube series on this to bring The Chronicles of Drakoa to life. Though I've never been that skilled in digital art, I'm gonna try to do what the animators for Tom and Jerry did, use real drawn images for 2D animation. I'm going to practice digital art so it would look more efficient and professional, but until then a trailer is the only thing that's gonna happen. I might get a drawing tablet for my computer so it'll be a little easier for me, but for now here's the music I'm debating on using, they are so epic I can't choose! :D

Two Steps From Hell Archangel -MP3JUICES
Two Steps From Hell Two Steps From Hell Dragon -MP
Assassin 39 s Creed Revelations Assassin -MP3JUICE
Mists of Pandaria Why We Fight