The Unagi is one of the most dangerous animals on Drakoa. It is the only natural predator of the drakoan species. Even the drakoans who are apex predators, shake before its approach and appearance. There are several subspecies of Unagi, including Earthen, Fire, Lightning, and Ice. The biggest kind is the Queen. Few who see them live to tell what it looks like. Sightings are depicted as having two to four heads, and having a tail split up into two to four units. But the queens are actually the 4-6 kinds of Unagi sub-species fused together. The reason for this is unknown, but there is a theory guessing that the huge cave complex in which all Unagi live have some kind of magic inside the walls. It seems when they are old enough, they have the power to become the ultimate predator.

Species of the ElementsEdit


The Element of wind for the Unagi. They are the only species of Unagi to possess wings and are often mistaken for dragons. Their scale colors usually range from green to red to simply grey.


The element of stone and earth. They are the most muscular of all the unagi. It has thick, buff back muscles that help with ramming and plowing over things. They have thick talons and stubby feet which are used to trample anything in their path.

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