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The Tyg'r are the striped feline-people of Drakoa. They are one of the many warrior races of Nyova. They appear as two legged cats armed with swords and spears. They prefer to fight face-to-face because they consider it "dishonorable" to fight far away. Most wear armor over their leather outfits or they just wear leather outfits. They hunt mostly crag jumpers or quick-paws. These people eat an all-meat diet only eating berries on occasion when food is short.

Religion and TraditionEdit

Tyg'rs believe the deity Dryga as well as the wolv'n and drakoans. At night the women play music and dance while wearing elaborate costumes and face-paint. Cubs begin training at twelve years and stop training around sixteen or eighteen. Tyg'rs are sticklers for tradition and the old ways of their ancestors.