Thorntail Ynspirite
General Information
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Gender Male
Age 29
Family Shadowstorm
Eye Color Orange
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A blue-green sharp class, Thorntail is the son and second-in-command of the Nachenyu leader Steelskull. He is a skilled swordsman and archer. He has two sisters, Darkwing and Shadowstorm. Though he was slightly jealous of Shadowstorm's title as titan. Despite this, he cares deeply for his sisters and father. He has even displayed this by rescuing his sister from death by Croxxi attack. He was as grieved as his father and when Shadowstorm and Bluefang were captured and even lead a rescue team to go and find them. Being a sharp class, he live up to his name having a tail covered in spikes.


Thorntail is a serious warrior, although he is very good at making a joke and not afraid to say so. Being a second-in-command, he needs to know when to be serious and when it's ok to joke around. Sharp classes have a way of sensing the presence of enemies in the woods, so he is nigh-impossible to sneak up on. Even if someone would succeed in sneaking up on him, they would be impaled on his razor-sharp spikes. He enjoys having this advantage and would never miss a chance to fire his spikes at an enemy.