The Rokaio Tailao is just one of the many groups featured in The Chronicles of Drakoa book series.

The Rokaio Tailao
Founded 1445
Founder Rykcha
Skill Snipers
Leader Hatchet
Members 134
Species Varies
Diet Omnivorous
Affiliates None
Religion The Creator

The TailaoEdit

The Tailao is a secret group that sees through the rule of an empire, clan, or kingdom. They judge whether the leader of that group is corrupt and if so, they assassinate him or her. However they have yet to free the Changelings from the rule of Queen Krutel. Being a secret group, they do leave clues as to where they will be. This clan is actually nomadic, so they constantly move around to escape any followers.


By tradition, there are mostly men in the Tailao, but they have allowed women to join. If one is clever, strong, and smart enough to follow them for 2 weeks, the group will initiate the person to join. They will test their skill, physical condition, and intelligence to judge where to put them in the group, or leave them. Basically, the Rokaio Tailao are a group of Guardians that have banded together as a group. This act is uncommon among Guardians. The Tailao prefer to use sneaky, ambush attacks over a frontal assault. When overthrowing a kingdom, the leader usually is the one who distracts the guards while he/she give orders with hand gestures and signals. There is only a total of 5 female Rokaio on average within the organization, but there was never a rule saying how many females can be in the clan at a time.


The Brothers are normally seen wearing hooded outfits (usually leather-tan, black or white in color), with weapons strapped the their backs and belts. They always wear leather gloves and boots to protect their hands and feet from getting sliced open by their bows and tomahawks and blistered by walking. Those with wings do not fly because it can draw unwanted attention so they are forced to walk everywhere. They always use different weapons for each assault because different missions require a different plan and therefore different weapons. But they plan out every scenario possible for the counter attack from the enemy soldiers. It takes a very witty mind to outsmart them.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The term "Rokaio Tailao" is actually "Mage's or Assassin's Kinship" or anything relating to the words "clan" or "tribe". This group was inspired by the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood game. This group plays a big part in the series believe it or not.

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