Temple of Twilight

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The Temple of Twilight is the sacred place for the Twilight and Shadow Hunters. It is where they take their eternal slumber. The Temple is concealed within Nyova Prime's core, which is a watery abyss and frought with danger. It was crafted into the rock beneath the surface and all that is seen by anyone is the entrance, which is well guarded by Unagi and gargoyles. Ironically, it is not where the Twilight Sword is hidden on account of it being too much of an obvious place. Embedded into the doors are twelve keystones that were scattered among Nyova and Nyova prime. Only a Titan or Twilight Hunter can enter the Temple without them. The Temple can be identified by it's eight-foot gate, glowing geometric marks, and is surrounded by jagged spikes. The front gate is accessorized by statues of gargoyles and skulls. Many of the statues are old, so they appear worn and crooked. The statues are actually a warning of who and what awaits inside. The Temple will appear as a hill of rock in the ground with an opening on two sides, only one leads into the Temple. The other is a horrible trap: what awaits there are stone gargoyles, Chupacabras, and water Unagi.

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