Centaurs are one of the many native species of Nyova. They are described as having head and torso of an Argonaut, Drakoan, or human on the body of a four-legged animal.

Average Lifespan 80 yrs
Eye Color Varies
Skin/Fur/Feather Colors grey, black
orange, brown
Diet Omnivorous
Affiliation Nyova Alliance
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}


Honorable warriors, they serve beside the Drakoans and Argonauts against the Titan Campaign. Like the Argonauts, they seceded from the alliance with the drakoans when Soulkeeper murdered the previous Nachenyu leader, Stonetalon to gain more power. Unlike the Argonauts however, they never suspected that the drakoans were ever evil. They simply did not want to get caught up in their problem. But when they were informed that he had been killed, they opened talks with the drakoans again to discuss forming another alliance.


The centaurs are the only omnivorous species on Drakoa. They hunt and gather what they need to survive. Centaurs are not ruthless killers, they always give an intruder to speak for themselves before they decide their fate. Despite their Code of Honor, Centaurs will become as fierce as drakoans when in the heat of battle.

Behind the Scenes:Edit

I added the centaur for two reasons: i needed more species, and i really like centaurs. But i have needed help in drawing one, and i WILL NOT use a pic from Narnia. I am working on drawing one, but i have other things to do first.

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