Steelskull is the 869th Alpha of the Nachenyu clan and the father of the Titan Shadowstorm. He is a tough, Tank class and he is a brilliant leader in the eyes of the clan. When he was Beta, he trained and raised the famed warrior Soulkeeper to warriorhood. When he killed the leader of the clan Stonetalon, Steelskull arranged a team of elite warriors to drive him out. But he was outraged when his mate and eight day old child, Shadowstorm. He tried to chase after him but Soulkeeper's warriors ambushed and fatally wounded him. As his mate succeeded in escaping Soulkeeper, she could not lead him back to the clan. Or else Soulkeeper would unleash the full fury of his armies upon the entire clan.


Steelskull is an strong-willed, Tank class drakoan. Hence his name, Steelskull. However he is very passionate and merciful to his clanmates. He loves his mate and his daughter and son. He was very devastated when he found out that Bluefang and Shadowstorm had gone missing. Until they returned, he was never the same. He was much more serious and more dedicated to training his son to become the next Alpha.

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