The mighty cats of the T'narry nation, these big cats have been used by the drakoans for generations, as mounts or beasts of burden. There are several different subspecies of Stalker.......

Snow Stalker:Edit

These big snow cats are the apex predators of the snowy regions. They have been used by the "Frostbites" for years. These snow cats are a big part of clan life in the snow regions. Without them, the Frostbites could barely survive themselves when harsh weather would arise. They use the snow stalkers to silently hunt their prey and to escape from blizzards quickly. They can be identified as having white fur with black or grey stripes.

Night Stalker:Edit

The big black cats of the night. The clans of the forest areas are famed for taming these wild beasts. They can be identified(if they are identified) as having sleek black fur and big green, blue, or yellow eyes. With their camoflauge, they are barely noticed at night and have excellent night vision. They have no natural predators as they are.....distastful in other predators. They have often been mistaken for pantherwolves by the untrained eye as they both have dark pelts. But only pantherwolves have dark, flowing manes.

Lava Stalker:Edit

This fiery cat is able to swim and survive in hot burning lava beneath Drakoa's surface. Being made of magma and lava rocks, they can melt down and move amongst the lava and magma to hide. But because of this, their gear is often made from lava-proof leather. They can be identified as being a lava rock sculpture in the shape of a cat. The Pyrros clan is famed for using these fierce cats for hunting and ground battles.

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