Soren Krachelo Adhile
General Information
Species {{{Species}}}
Gender Male
Age Human Years:378
Drakoan Years:37
Family Unknown
Eye Color Yellow
Fur Color(s) {{{Fur color}}}
Soren is the current King of the Solas Angels. He is very strong-willed and cunning. He is the lover of the Feather Shade Alpha Eclipse. She saved his life and they were both deeply in love with each other but it was a love that can never be. The two primary Balance Gaurdians were at peace to honor their leaders' love

Personality and TraitsEdit

Soren is a steel-minded warrior and very cunning and smart. He is very territorial especially around Feather Shades he does not know. He is merciful and honorable toward his subjects and enemies alike. His most favored weapon is a longsword and Liyt shield. He is often seen wearing his battle-damaged armor but he never wears his helmet unless he is fighting.


Soren wears traditional Solas Angel armor in addition to a hooded cloak underneath. His wings appear to be crafted of light energy. He has white skin with golden markings and his eyes glow yellow. He lacks horns but he does have small spikes on the base of his ears. He dons fur all down his back to the end of his tail. Feathers cover the end of his tail to aid in flight. His hair is kept tied back by a steel holder. And he has a deep voice that is easily recognizable.

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