The Solas Temple is the sacred ground to the Argonauts and Drakoans. It is said to be the resting place for the first

Solas Temple
Sentient Races Wolv'n
Solas Angels
Discovered 1745
Predator Species Unagi
Herbivore Species Trihorn
Tree Count 4586
Landmarks None
Solas Angel Titan Autumnmoon and her Dryga Sword, the Sword of Light named Magma'roxx. The Solas Temple is a sacred landmark between the Argonauts and the Drakoans and the burial ground for the Light Hunter clans. This temple holds the guardian statues, statues of an unknown Drakoan warrior and his partner, an Argonaut, who began the strong friendship between the species. Both never revealed their names, but were honored among the greatest warriors of the age. The statues are indeed magical: if they detect an impure soul inside the Temple, they come to life and eliminate the contaminant. Solas Temple also hides a mysterious item called the Eye of Sunclaw, a magical orb created by a Were-lion warrior named Sunclaw. This orb can be fused with a Dryga Swords to create a power beyond imagination.

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