The Snowpeaks are the frigid and snowy regions of Nyova. Located in the north, it is cold all year-round. Most Wolven

Sentient Races Ursida
Fydiga Drakoans
Discovered 1245
Predator Species Fydiga Drakoans
Tundra Serpent
Herbivore Species Tundra Oxen
Tree Count 3474
Landmarks Tundera Temple
packs are located here with a few Solas' Hunters and Fydiga Drakoans. There are many pine forests covering this land, however they are hardly noticeable from above because snow covers most of their frames

The TerrainEdit

Pine forests are a big part of what is seen in the Snowpeaks along with piles of snow and rocky snow-covered mountains. Fydiga Lyons inhabit the area. These white snow cats are untameable and completely wild. The apex predator of the Snowpeaks, they fear nothing but their own kind. Stones are everywhere due to avalanches from the Balt mountain.


Wolven packs and Ursida families are inhabiting this frigid wasteland. To survive, most groups join together to make one agreeable clan. Tygrs are also said to live here as well, but they avoid the Wolven and Ursida clans. Mountain caves and underground chambers are home to many clans in the area. Though white Tygrs and white Wolvens live alone and isolated from the others as the Creator bestowed them with special magic.

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