Sirius is a bright blue scout class with slightly darker blue markings, and silver eyes. He is substantially shorter than most others in the pack, as a scout would be. But he is very good at his job, which is spying and keeping watch. He is not a night warrior, due to his light blue skin. He spends the day guarding the camp entrance, and at night he goes with the other daylight hunters to bed. But at times he would go out hunting with the night warriors to get some experience on the night. As he would not be well camoflaged in the night, he wears dark clothing and is accompanied by a nighttime hunter.


Sirius is an inexperienced warrior as he is only two months into his warriorhood. But spending time with the more experienced warriors like Midnait and Shadowstorm are helping him with his hunting and fighting skills. He is a passionate guy with a big heart. He is kind to his sister Midnait and in return she raises him. Sirius' and Midnait's parents were killed in the Massacre so Midnait had to raise Sirius.

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