Stormriver is a courageous, loyal Feather Shade and always cares about others. She wishes to be as skilled in battle as her mother Shadowstorm. But this has often gotten her into danger, as she willingly ventures off with her secret Changeling friend, Duke. Shadowstorm is uncomfortable with meeting with him, however she allows it. Her father Burntide, however doesn't want her meeting with him at all as his fatherly instinct disapproves. Stoneriver is very rebellious and does not like to look on the bad side of things. Though Stoneriver does not like war or fighting, she loves to spar and hunt.


Stoneriver is a black-skinned female Feather Shade with blue and green markings like her father Burntide. She has yellowish-brown eyes and wings similar to her mother's. She had a few spikes running down her tail however they cannot be launched. Her flame is sapphire-blue and, also like her mother's, can explode a few seconds after firing or hitting something.

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