Shade Gryphon

Shade Gryphon

Feather Shades:Edit

Feather Shades are the stealthy creatures of the Drakoan species. They have black skin with markings of another color, glowing eyes, and superior night hunting skills. The Feather Shade clans are often found in shady areas of dense forests or underground caves. There is always one Feather Shade in every trio of Titans, as well as a Light Hunter. They favor long-range weapons such as a bow or sniper rifle. But Shadow Hunters will not hesitate to engage in hand-to-hand combat when absolutely necessary. Feather Shade clans consist of mostly Ambush, Sharp, and Scout, and Tidal classes. When Feather Shades fly at night, the only way to spot them is to see a dark entity making gaps in the stars. This can be difficult as 3/4 of Nyova is bioluminescent and that interferes with seeing the stars at all. Feather Shades become invincible when they reach 400 years of age, but they can still die of old age. Feather Shade's get their title from the fact that they all wear feathers in their hair. This rite-of-passage is called "The Chosen Bird". Why they chose this name is because before an apprentice becomes a warrior, he or she must choose a bird, stalk it, and kill it quickly and painlessly. The apprentice then muct pluck two of the bird's primary wing feathers and wear them with pride. Whether in a necklace, or simply in their hair, these feathers represent warriorhood. Alphas of Feather Shade Clans wear three glowing feathers and Betas wear two bioluminescent feathers.

Shadow Magic:Edit

Feather Shades are masters at an ancient power called Shadow Magic. The Shadow Hunters believe that this power was bestowed upon them by the mysterious Dark Gryphon, which is their very symbol. The Shadow Magic can only be matched by the Light Power. This power allows Feather Shades to become a shadow and even hide in the shadows of others. Feather Shades have a "heartstone" which houses their power and life force. If they were to die before their 400th year came, their stone would preserve the spirit inside until awakened again by a worthy warrior.

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