Artwork by Jessica Peffer (i did not draw this)


Satyrs are the goat-people of Nyova. They appear as being half human with the legs of a goat. They are not warriors, but they are hunter-gatherers. They spend most of their time playing music and dancing. They always have horns protruding from their heads. When they reach the age of 18, their horns begin to grow. Most have tufts at the ends of their tails and hair running down their backs. They sometimes have large ears that are very sound sensitive so their hearing is excellent.


Satyrs believe in a deity called the Creator. He is believed by them to be the maker of all life on Nyova and beyond. He also is supposed to be the decider of fate when people cross into the next life. They think the Creator walks and flies Nyova's surface as a Condero, a giant bird of prey.

Tradition and QuarrelsEdit

Satyrs have an on and off relationship with centaurs. They both are very mistrustful with each other but some have found friendship despite their relationship. Satyrs often cross into centaur territory and that causes a shift in trust. Satyrs often participate in rituals that celebrate their existance and life on Nyova, as well as their connection to the Creator. They use herbs and different plants in healing potions and ointments.

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