Sasquatch is the very creature seen on earth by a few people. He has shown up variously on Earth in forested areas and in ancient civilization myths. However, he is a sentient species native to Nyova. The inhabitants of Nyova once embraced technology much more than they do now. Sasquatch wanted to see what was beyond the known galaxy, so they left Nyova and sent their strongest warriors to the first planet they found, Earth. Most sasquatches on Nyova still keep in touch with their bretheren on earth via long-distance comms. Humans have recently begun to wonder where the Sasquatch came from. They theorize that he is of alien origin, this is correct. However, Sasquatch are very elusive and secretve about their presence as they do not want to frighten the humans. They warned the Nyovans long ago of the humans leaving earth and wanting to invade Nyova. So the Nyovans were ahead of their intruders. Sasquatch are a vital part of the Nyovans' society and history because of this.

Biology and Appearance:Edit

Sasquatches range in a variety of fur colors, including white, brown, and blue-grey. These hairy creatures are excellent trackers and are often seen wielding spears, crossbows, axes, and small knives. Sasquatch wear clothes made from animal skin. They believe this strengthens their connection to the animals that surround them. They have four sharp incisors in their large mouths. Unlike any of the other species of Nyova, Sasquatch have four digits on each hand and foot and do not have a tail of any kind. Sasquatch cannot speak english nor Drako, but speak their own animal-like language consisting of snorts, growls, snarls, roars, and grunts.

Society and CultureEdit

Sasquatch are very loyal and honorable creatures. Though the grey-furred ones prefer to steal, kill, and do nothing but wrong. Sasquatch prefer to live alone and not in large groups like the other sentient species of Nyova because there are fewer of them then the rest. Parents take care of their children for eight weeks and then they are left to fend for themselves. They are trained to be excellent trackers, warriors, and hunters.

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