These are the main rules and regulations of the White Phoenix Wiki. Breaking the rules will not be overlooked. Read carefully before joining.

The StoryEdit

If you may or may not know, I only allow viewing for my story for deviantART users. Mind you that is a whole 'nother system. Users under 13 cannot join, like here, but don't just join only so you can read it. This is a system to protect myself from plaigarism. Nothing personal. Sorry for any inconvenience.

You may NOT sell, reproduce, repost, or use my characters or story without my permission. Any art here cannot be reproduced, sold, or manupilated in any way. All characters and stories (even the previous ones) are the sole property of Dragon aka Lauren.


Do not use vulgar language. Ever. Though the words "damn" and "hell" are permitted in some contexts, how you use them determines whether or not you get punished. (Ex: Telling people to "Go to hell" is a good way to get banned)


Admins will do their best to be as fair as possible. Blocking is a rare case, although the admins will not hesitate to do so in serious cases.

Do not use all capitals. It is spamming and in many cases "shouting". Either way it isn't allowed. Do not spam. (ex. OMG DATS SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Nobody can read that bullhonkus. Just...don't.


Do not insult any religions, and the religious should do their best to respect the non-beliefs of others. It is even best to not even bring it up at all.


I shouldn't have to say much about this.


Situations that happened off-wiki should stay that way. Do not use this place as a way to get back at someone else for disrespecting you, or whatever your argument is about after you've been banned from chat or blocked from another wiki.

I don't like this!Edit

If you don't like the wiki, then don't join chat, don't comment, don't do anything. Don't even breathe on this place. No one's forcing you to stay but you.


If, by any chance, there is someone or some people that want to make a fan-fiction, sorry but I don't permit it. During my time on deviantART I've seen many fan-fictions, some bad, some good, and some VERY bad. I personally see fan-fiction as a way of manipulating a story created by another writer. Please respect this policy.

Can I make an Anjyl?Edit

No. Sorry, but the Anjyls (or any other Nyovan species) are not an open species. What does "open species" mean?

Open species means that the creator allows others to make a character based on that species. (jeez, how many times can she fit that word into a single section?)

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