These are the rules and regulations on The Chronicles of Drakoa Wiki Chat as well as the whole of the Wiki itself. Disobeying these will result in punishment, severe or minor depending on your actions. Rules and regulations apply to all, even admins, chat mods, etc.

Language and Communication

  1. Do not use profanity or any other foul language
  2. Talking about vulgar subjects such as sex is not tolerated here, take it somewhere else.
  3. Do not harass other users
  4. Do not dictate to people in using correct grammar, spelling, etc. This is the internet, nobody cares about that.
  5. Don't lecture people on the rules, tell them once unless they keep misbehaving and/or agitating.
  6. Be polite, being hateful, mean, rude, etc is not appreciated anywhere on the wiki.
  7. Do not write in excessive caps, it is considered shouting and it is also very rude.

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