Poison Blue
Poison Blue is the most poisonous plant on Drakoa. It sprouts blue flowers that make a consumer gravely ill. When consumed, the consumer dies within 24 hours unless cured by a tea brewed by a pink flower known as the Fire Lily. But this flower can only be found in the Light Temple chamber in Argona. This plant can be identified by its rose-like appearance and blue pedals. Poison Blue makes organisms exceedingly weak, so weak in fact that some have been recorded to have been unable to open their own eyes. Fortunately, Poison Blue's flowers are only poisonous when detached from their branches when autumn arises. This plant was once used against Autumnmoon, one of the first three Titans. Nightthunder and Silverstar went to retrieve it to save their friend. Autumnmoon died on account of the poison, but she claims that Dryga gave her a second chance and allowed the Fire Lily to heal her.

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