The Nyo Element is the rarest and most powerful of all substances found on Nyova. It was first discovered by the first three Titans, Silverstar, Nightthunder, and Autumnmoon. This element is only shown to the Titans born at a certain time. But not a single trace of the Nyo element has been located in over a thousand years. The first time this substance was found, it was crafted into three individual blades that only the Titans can handle. Its colors range from steel-blue to poison green, depending on what kind of power it has.

Colors Decide PowerEdit


Steel-blue Nyo element has the power over shadows and lightning. It was used to create Xxa'rok, the Dryga blade of storms and shadows. Its appearance is similar to a blue-grey crystal with streaks of dark blue that are similar to lightning.


Neon-Green Nyo element has poison abilities. This poison can kill an opponent even with a small nick. Its appearance is similar to a green crystal.


The red-orange Nyo has power over volcanoes and fire. This element was crafted into Magma'roc, the sword of fire by Autumnmoon.

Black, Grey, and BrownEdit

This kind has the power over the earth. Like the green, it has not been used in a Dryga Sword. But it can create and morph the earth and grow crystals basically anywhere.

Gold and WhiteEdit

This type of Nyo is quite unique: it has the power over all light. This cannot destroy at all however it can only create things. It is believed by the Drakoans that without this kind of element, day would not exist. The Titan Silverstar created Tsor'ac with this kind of Nyo.

Turquoise and Navy BlueEdit

This kind of Nyo has the absolute control over all water and ice. It can freeze water, melt ice, and heat the water to steam. Its appearance is a turquoise center with navy blue streaks going through it like light reflecting off of water.

Green and Dark GreenEdit

This kind of Nyo has the power over plants and weeds. It can command plants into choking, whipping, and anything else the sword's wielder tells it to do. But this Nyo is different from the others: words and spells must be used to harness and use its power, otherwise it is unstable and dangerous.

Dull BlueEdit

Dull Blue is a deadly type of Nyo. It was found by Lord Kato and created by M'kau. It was believed that Lord Kato created the Sword of Souls with this Nyo. This legend is true however, it can be destroyed fairly easily.

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