Minotaurs are one of the Nyovan species in The Chronicles of Drakoa book series.


Not much is known about minotaurs since they are reclusive and live in remote areas. But they are known as big, hairy, violent beasts that roam around the woods, hunting and killing anything that crosses them. Most carry an arsenal of weapons on their backs and belts, such as war axes, knives, and broadswords.


Minotaurs are a species of man-bulls that roam around forests, being camoflauged by their black and brown furs. Two horns protrude from the side of their head used for courtship and warrior rituals, and for fighting intruders. Minotaurs are furry, muscular people with an intimidating appearance. They have five thick digits on each hand and their head is identical to that of a bull or cow. Their digitigrade legs end in two clove hooves.


Some minotaurs believe in different gods/goddesses but the one worshiped the most among them is the sun god Apollo.

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