General Information
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Gender Male
Age 1,098,648 yrs
Family Keho
Eye Color Yellow
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M'kau is the master of the Underworld and is the biggest, most dangerous Lava Dragon ever to have existed. He is at least 200 feet tall and 400 feet long with a wingspan of 600 feet. M'kau wields a dangerous fire-breath that, in one blow, could decimate an entire city. Clever, and very smart, he was difficult to trick. However, M'kau was tricked into a trap laid by the first Titans into entering the Underworld by water and light energy and being sealed there for all eternity. There's no way to escape whatsoever, except if the current generation of Titans were broken. But he does control "puppets" such as Snipe, Soulkeeper, and Lord Kato. He corrupts them with greed and envy and drives them against their kin to do M'kau's dirty work to rid of the Titans for good, leaving them to cease to exist, and thereby breaking the seal and freeing M'kau to waste the lands of Nyova and kill and destroy all.

Battle with DrygaEdit

In the very beginning, M'kau was the ruler of everything on Nyova. He took over and enslaved the people (whom were not very evolved at the time) and forced them to work for him. They could not defend themselves and did not know that what was happening to them was wrong. Dryga had overlooked the people for years, then she decided to take matters into her own claws. She descended onto Nyova's surface and hid among the people. When she got close enough to M'kau, she struck him with her light energy. But M'kau was equally strong, the battle lasted for months, destroying the very people Dryga tried to protect. When Dryga and M'kau were weak, she evaded his last fiery blast and tricked him into falling into a bottomless pit into the Underworld. Dryga sealed the passage and Nyova was safe, but at a terrible price. Many of the enslaved people were dead and the survivors didn't know what to do. Dryga used the last of her strength to heal the land and revive the people. But this cast Dryga back into Heaven forever.

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