Average Lifespan 90 yrs
Eye Color golden, yellow
Skin/Fur/Feather Colors golden, bronze, blonde,
dark brown, black
Diet Carnivorous
Affiliation Nyova Alliance
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}



The Leo'ka are the lion-people of Nyova. They inhabit Drakoa and some parts of southern Argona and Centor. They have legs with two knees that, like the Satyrs and the other were-species, allow faster running and higher jumping. Males have long flowing manes like the rays of the sun. Females do not have manes, however they wear feathers in their hair if desired as do the males as well.

Tradition and ReligionEdit

Leo'ka's are very religious however they do not always cling to the old ways and tradition like most other Nyovan species. They believe in a male deity named Apollo and another female deity named Kryza. Apollo brings life and light to the world. But Kryza brings the night and brings the dead souls to the underworld.

Weapons and ArmorEdit

Leo'ka's normally wear armor, but females wear dresses and flowing robes. Leo'ka use only swords and shields. They wear helmets that resemble birds and/or cats. Most of the time their armor ranges from grey to red or gold. Kind of like roman armor.

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