Keho Krycia Asmodok
General Information
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Gender Male
Age Immortal
Family Asmodok
Eye Color Yellow
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Keho is one of the "Lords of Hell" dwelling beneath Nyova's surface. He is one of the main antagonists of The Chronicles of Drakoa book series.


Keho is a muscular, short-fused minotaur Lord of Hell. He possesses four long, thick horns on his head and a long black mane on his neck and back which also happens to be on fire. Two tusks protrude from his lower jaw. Red fur, and two large hooves. Keho stands on two legs, unlike the other Lords of Hell, who walk on four legs, wings, or slither on their tails.


According to legend, Keho is one of the Lords of Hell whom destroyed Nyova and its inhabitants after a team of Titans failed to complete their task in stopping the Minions from releasing the Lords of Hell after the Spirit War which created Nyova. He was the one who traveled to Argona with an army of Hellhounds to destroy and kill the land and its inhabitants.

Behind the ScenesEdit

I never originally had Asmodok and Keho in the Council of Hell until i came up with the idea of having two sides of the Spirit Plane, the Solaris, the benevolent, and the Scratheis, the antagonists. (I didnt use "good and bad" because thats sooo played out and old).

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