Average Lifespan 100 yrs
Eye Color Varies
Skin/Fur/Feather Colors Peach, Brown, Tan
Diet Omnivorous
Affiliation The Keilyn
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Humans are one of the antagonist species in The Chronicles of Drakoa book series. They fight on the side of Keilyn.


Humans were known to be race that possessed a great power to create, but also to destroy. During the third World War, the Russian armies invaded US territory and began to try and conquer it. But both sides began to pelt each other with nuclear weapons until the planet and its inhabitants were nearly destroyed. Only about 10,000 human survivors left the planet safely before the core gave out and eventually imploded. The Humans have searched all over the known galaxy for a suitable, or "goldielocks" planet.


Humans were known to have pale, peach-colored skin and flat faces. They walked only on two legs, unlike Nyovan natives. Their feet and hands did not have claws. They did not have long canines or fangs. Their senses were not as sharp as a Nyovans. And they had five digits on each hand and foot. They did not have wings or tails and their necks were more than half the size of a drakoan's.