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Guardians are widowed Balance Keepers. Guardians are all females of Twylit, Solas Angels, and Feather Shades. The only possibly known Guardian is the Titan Nightthunder. Most Nyovans dismiss any sightings of Guardians as myths, but they are very real, and very deadly. They are trained to fight, and to protect attackers in whatever forest they are guarding. Only two Guardians of each species can exist at a time, the reason for this is not known

Weapons and ToolsEdit

Solas AngelsEdit

Solas Angel Guardians wear light armor with a hooded cloak underneath. Most carry swords and clubs on their backs as their weapons. Solas Angel Guardians are seen more commonly than any other type of Guardian. But this doesn't mean that thay are seen often.


Twylit Guardians are only seen during the hour of twilight. They do not wear armor at all, they wear steel-blue outfits decorated with cryptic symbols and designs. They carry bolas and small daggers with them as weapons to fend off invaders. They wear leather boots to minimize the sound of their footsteps when sneaking around.

Feather ShadesEdit

Feather Shades are the most elusive of the Guardians. Like the Twylits, they do not wear armor but they do wear leather outfits and over them they wear black hooded cloaks and overcoats. Feather Shade Guardians have an odd appearance, unlike the others: the pupils in their eyes disappear completely. For this characteristic, they are often mistaken for being evil and dark-hearted. This they are taught to not let get in their way for protecting the innocent is their duty. But they leave as quickly as they came and never say their names.

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