Wasteland wallpaper
Sentient Races Changeling
Discovered 1470
Predator Species Dust-Wolves
Lava Drakes
Herbivore Species Dirt-Mice
Burrow Rabbits
Tree Count 27
Landmarks Shrine of M'kau

The TerrainEdit

The Ghostlands are a barren, rocky area lacking food or water. It never rains there, and there are very few trees. whenever it rains, heat lightning comes and rain falls in slippery black drops that cling to surfaces like cement. Any life there lives underground to escape the heat. The Changelings live within the single mountain hive in the center of the Ghostlands. Trees never grow in clusters because there are no birds to carry seeds, only small carnivorous flying reptiles. The sandstorms also carry seeds far across the Ghostlands and with no water, they almost never grow into trees.


The Changelings were banished to the Ghostlands in 1468 when their numbers grew too big and they began attacking villages and trading caravans. When the Nyovans rose up against them, they were bigger in numbers, but not in skill and intellect. Therefore they were driven out and exiled to the Ghostlands.

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