The Flama Serpent is one of the animals featured in the The Chronicles of Drakoa book series.

Flama Serpent
Average Lifespan Unknown
Eye Color Yellow
Skin/Fur/Feather Colors Varies, depending on the subspecies
Diet Carnivorous
Affiliation M'kau
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Flama Serpents are members of the Draco family on Nyova. They appear to be covered with glowing scales that are as hot as lava. The lava they swim through hardens into a thick armor when they slither on the surface. Their yellow eyes are designed for detecting heat signatures (like any other snake) to track down their prey. While it is not exactly a "serpent" per say due to it having limbs, it slithers through lava and on the land, not using its limbs much except for hunting prey.


Flama Serpents eat little more than Magmaroks, a type of oxen that roams around Lavera Canyon. As they come to drink from the lava pools, the Flama Serpents jump up from beneath the lava to catch the Magmaroks by the head and pull them under to drown them. Once underneath the lava, they use the "death roll", a move used by earthen crocodiles and alligators, to rip the head off. The Flama Serpent is now free to feed on the headless carcass.


Flama Serpents are marked down in myth and folktales for mischief and wrongdoing. In the folktale of how the mountains formed, they were responsible for causing a deadly eruption of many volcanoes on Nyova.

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