Faye Krain
General Information
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Gender Female
Age 18-24
Family Bowen (adoptive Father) Frida (adoptive Mother)
Eye Color Sky Blue
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Author's NoteEdit

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Basic InformationEdit

Faye Krain (whose lesser known, and actual, name is "Valka Burke") is the main protagonist in the White Phoenix series. The reader follows Faye as she grows up from 18 to 25 years old. As she grows, she encounters many people and places, and gains experience along the way. Nearing the end of her journey, she looks into the past of her world and finds many civilizations rise and fall through force of arms, and finds a way to prevent Abaxas from repeating the process with the Anjyls. Through the story, Faye is plagued with dreams that are given to her by a departed spirit, which, in reality, are past disasters that brought about the destruction of the civilizations before her own.


She was also born a Skollass, which is slang for a half-blood. Her body is dotted with discolored skin. The membrane part of her wings are black, while the feathers are white in color. Her skin is a rust-tinted brown with black markings. The only major markings she possesses are two stripes that cover her neck and shoulders. It is rare, but Faye's eyes are bright blue. Normally, Skollass' would be born with green or brown or moss brown eyes. She is not the only one with this feature.


Faye was always a shy and even-tempered person, even as a child. She never likes to put herself in a situation where she would be humiliated, because the thing she hates the most is embarrassment. She is not usually trusting of anyone she doesn't know, or has never seen before. This was shown when she first saw the royal family crest on Zo'ran's coat. Being a half-blood, she thought he would hurt her, and immediately went to the defensive.

However, she can never refuse a plea for help. She was taught curative by her father, and is a skillful healer and tracker

She is very good at hiding her emotions. She is expressive through body language and can read people's actions better than their words.