Personality and TraitsEdit

Eclipse is the current leader of the Clan of Silent Shadows. She is wise and benevolent to her clanmates and is very passionate to her fellow Feather Shades. She is a master of Shadow Magic as she has lived a long life to learn the spells and techniques. If there was any question to be asked about Feather Shade history or the spells, she would know the answer. She once fell in love with her opposite, a Solas Angel named Soren. She once saved his life when he came to her clan requesting aid. Eclipse is a stickler for tradition and the ancient ways.


Eclipse is a green-marked Feather Shade. She possesses sapphire-blue eyes and grey flames. She is an average height of a female drakoan. She has black hair and wears a traditional Feather Shade cloak. Her hair dons beads and of course feathers. She has a bird-shaped mark on her forearm symbolizing her status as a Feather Shade. Her heartstone is bright violet with lighter violet energy storming inside.

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