The Dryga Forest is among the most dangerous places on Nyova. It is located in southern Argona near the Storm Sea.

Dryga Forest
Great mountain landscape-wallpaper
Sentient Races Drakoans
Ash Tree
Dragon Jaw
Discovered 1678
Predator Species Dragons
Neo Raptors
Herbivore Species Flaming Mustang
Horned Juggernaut
Tree Count 5,078,390
Landmarks Temple of the Creator

The TerrainEdit

The Dryga Forest is a forest that resides in southern Argona. In the center is a large mountain dividing the two sections of the forest.

The Light SideEdit

The more safer side of the Dryga Forest is where more animals live and the plants are full and healthy. Though the Dryga Forest holds less sentient inhabitants, the more living area is where they all live. The trees and lush waterfalls seem welcoming, but like the Fear Side, there are many dangers. Highly evolved predators lurk in the bushes and shadows waiting to pounce upon unsuspecting prey.

The Fear SideEdit

The Fear Side lives up to its name very well: the "plants" seem to come alive and demons swell up from the ground striking fear into the heart of a traveller. This half of Dryga Forest has no green whatsoever and the organisms depend on fear and adrenaline to stay alive.

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