General Information
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Gender Female
Age 2,000,074
Family Kryza
Eye Color Blue
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Dryga is the single deity of the drakoan species. She is the protector of balance and peace in their eyes. But other native species to Drakoa do not believe she is real. They have their own gods and goddesses. She is depicted to be a glowing blue drakoan with black markings, glowing yellow eyes, and power over the shadows. The drakoans believe that the constellation Eye of Dryga is the very place in the heavens where she dwells. The titans are said to be the Children of Dryga, animated by three spirits. Though she is a goddess and many do not believe she is real but another deity, the other deities are indeed real as well.

Dryga's SacrificeEdit

 After Dryga and her kinsmen, the Builders, created Nyova and its inhabitants, the people began to quarrel amongst themselves over food and land. While they fought, the people were unaware that an ancient evil grew beneath their very feet. The Lords of Hell became jealous that the people worshipped the Builders and not the Lords. Angry, they broke free from Hell and began to rampage through Nyova's surface and oceans. Whithering it to pretty much nothing. Seeing this, Dryga and The Builders descended to protect the quarreling people.

  The ensuing battle lasted for months, and destruction was inevitable. After a long and tiring war, the Lords of Hell nearly succeeded in killing the Builders. But the Builders were rescued by three brave soldiers, Asurai, Syrica, and Scarthese. The three heroes protected the people from the deadly armies from hell, the Hellhounds. With a last bolt of power, the Builders finally defeated the Lords of Hell and trapped them behind the Gates of Hell and sealed it with a permanent spell that can only be unlocked by a mortal. Weak, they used the last of their strength to bestow the three warriors with powers of a demigod and healed everything that their fight had destroyed.

Beasts of the Ancient AgeEdit

Dryga is one of the last Beasts of the Ancient Age left on Nyova. The Nyovan inhabitants were originated from these Beasts and they were among the only ones to escape the "Changing Light". In becoming the most pure creatures, they were bestowed with godly abilities.

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