This clan is a Feather Shade clan, known as "The Divided". Like most Feather Shade clans, this one accepts Feather Shades of all Nyovan species, with the exception of the Changeling. They specialize in Shadow Magic but do not use it to protect nor destroy. This clan is very elusive and only come out of the safety of their mountain mine home to hunt.

The ClanEdit

This clan has a very old system of leadership. A clan leader chooses her successor, and when she dies that successor takes over as leader, and the process continues. The current leader is a wise Feather Shade named Eclipse. Her successor is a blue-marked Feather Shade named Thunder. This clan is highly elusive and sneaky, being trained for combat and stealth from the day they can walk. This clan was seperated from the rest of the Feather Shades in the Massacre. They have yet to find their way back home to the Shadow Realm. This clan has been separated for 7 generations. The only way back lies in an old spellbook that was given to them by their first clan leader Darkfeather. But this book was lost to the ages.

The Crystal MineEdit

This clan's home lies within a large mountain inside a forgotten crystal mine. The crystals inside the mine provide light for the dark cave, however not too much. A fountain in the center provides fresh, cold drinking water for the clan. A labyrinth lies around the mine to protect from invaders. All tunnel entrances are hidden by illusions that look like normal rocks.