The Chupacabra is a feisty creature that sulks around the nooks and crannys in deep caves. Chupacabra was used by SIlverstar to guard the Sword of Twilight. They have been charmed to only allow those who would only use the Sword for good. Anyone else they will kill and devour. They can be identified by their skinny bodies covered in sharp spikes, three sets of razor sharp teeth(sometimes having beak or skull-like mouthparts), hairless; sometimes scaly; black or red eyes; dexterous, three fingered hands; and they always travel in groups. Chupacabras normally feast on the blood of animals and people. But occasionally, they will kill very large prey and the whole hoard will feast on the meat. Chupacabras usually range from 5 to 6 feet tall, but they normally walk hunched over. They are always moving and burn off any calories they get from the meat and/or blood they consume. And therefore they must eat constantly to stay alive.

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