This page is for the theme songs of the characters, locations and basically any song used in The Chronicles of Drakoa, whether it be in the youtube series, or just considered a fitting song for the thing specified.

The Chronicles of Drakoa Lays no claim to rightful ownership of these tracks. All songs belong to their respectful owners.


Lightning Strikes--Snow Patrol

Midna's Theme--Artist Unknown

Kings and Queens--Thirty Seconds to Mars

Kings and Queens--Thirty Seconds to Mars

Midna's Story--Artist Unknown

To The Stars--Artist Unknown

To The Stars--Artist Unknown

Breath and Life--Audiomachine

I am Justice--Russell Brower

The Lamentation of Owen Roe O' Niell--Howard Baer

The Foggy Dew--Howard Baer

Animal I have Become--Three Days Grace

The Voice--Celtic Women

Ilia's Theme--Artist Unknown

Mo Ghile Mear--Celtic Women


And the Heavens Shall Tremble--Two Steps From Hell

Atlas Remembers--Artist Unknown

And The Heavens Shall Tremble--Russell Brower

Atlas Remembers--Artist Unknown

More Tracks and Characters to Come!

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