Average Lifespan 20 yrs
Eye Color red
Skin/Fur/Feather Colors {{{colors}}}
Diet Love, Hate
Affiliation Lord Kato
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Changlelings are evil creatures that feed off of the bad feelings in the atmosphere. Bad feelings give them power.They can shapeshift into different creatures and walk right into the midst of even a Drakoan clan, despite how good their noses are. They can classified as being frantically avoidant of hot temperatureas as they are near bug-like and will die in extreme heat. They have insect-like wings doning green or red colors and have big sharp fangs that inject a lethal venom into a victim. Eventually leading up to the point where the victim becomes a changeling themself. They have crooked, twisted horns that are excellent for stabbing and cutting. The horns have been used as knife blades among Drakoans because Drakoans and Changelings have been in a blood feud for centuries. They mainly feast on were-beings and on occasion, Drakoans. They simply love the taste of the bonds in a Drakoan society, hence their quarrel. But changelings rarely infiltrate Drakoan territory because drakoans often dive and swim in lava pits. If a changeling were to do that, they would burn and dissolve in the lava. Skin colors range from sleek black to slimy green.

The only reason the Changelings are in a continuous feud is for two reasons alone: Krutel, their leader, hates drakoans because they screwed up her face by burning the flesh. Also, Krutel has always been war hungry and loves to fight. Otherwise their war would not exist. They are, however very mistrustful of Drakoans and the bad feelings they feed off of keep them alive.

The RebellionEdit

The Hunter Rebellion is a group of Changlings and Yeti. They are the good-hearted people that left a society of anger and corruption to fight for freedom in their world. The trapped ones who are unable to escape to the rebellion are helped and freed by them. So far they have fought many battles, but there are many battles ahead of them. As a brutal war is on it's way from a species that the Nyovans thought they had driven out ages ago.

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