The bludgeon is one of the many heavy weapons used by the Minions in The Chronicles of Drakoa book series.

Weapon StatisticsEdit

Weapon Damage Speed Deflect
Bludgeon 4 2 4


The bludgeon is used by Tank class drakoans, Owella Argonauts, and mostly by badgors. It has excellent attack damage alone with deflect. However the bludgeon is very heavy and the user cannot move it quickly unless they possess great physical strength.


The bludgeon has many shapes and forms, the most common being a stick with one heavy and covered in sharp spikes. Other uncommon forms of the bludgeon are a thick jawbone strapped to a bone hilt. The rarest forms of the bludgeons include a stone inside a carefully carved bone hilt. This is most rare because it is least effective. But it is still used due to the fact it is lighter.

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