• Sabihoff12

    what is this I don't know

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  • Tytoquetra

    The Zombeh Wiki

    March 9, 2014 by Tytoquetra

    I've been getting messages of visitors here, lately. And that's awesome!

    And because of that, and some natural urge to do some world building, I'm gonna try and revive this place.

    • deleting the story pages, because the story will not be available here anymore.
    • revising the character pages
    • Some other stuff not worthy of mention

    But please! I love to see people visit, even if they do not edit. I understand why you wouldn't. 

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  • Harrison paul-brooks


    January 14, 2013 by Harrison paul-brooks

    i like here wikia that so cool

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  • Tytoquetra

    I've been snooping through audio files from Two Steps From Hell on channel on Sindrannaras' Channel on YouTube. He mixes the most epic music I've ever heard on the face of the earth! If you have a YouTube, go and sub him! Anywho, he mixes music together and I've gotta say, they've made me think and choose what music to use for an animated trailer for The Chronicles of Drakoa. When I find the time in my busy schedule, I am planning on creating an animated YouTube series on this to bring The Chronicles of Drakoa to life. Though I've never been that skilled in digital art, I'm gonna try to do what the animators for Tom and Jerry did, use real drawn images for 2D animation. I'm going to practice digital art so it would look more efficient and …

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  • Tytoquetra

    I am deciding to put up a list of the upcoming and current series titles for future Drakoa Chronicles book series and more updates.

    1. Power of Three
    2. The New Era
    3. Legend of the Titans
    4. Hounds of Hell
    5. The Dark Realm
    6. A Hidden People

    Vote What Will Come Next in the Home Page Poll!

    Dragonlich The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack 18:11, September 9, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Tytoquetra

    Power of Three Updates

    August 17, 2012 by Tytoquetra

    ok as it is known, i am not finished with the sequel to the Rise of Soulkeeper. I'm trying to get it finished soon but im doing a lot of things in school and field hockey

    Anyway, i will say that there is gonna be a return of a very old enemy. Soulkeeper will not be returning (as far as we both know ;3) Shadowstorm will face a near-death experience :'( and HUMANS will be coming in!! :D that much is certain.

    a little hint on the story after the one im currently working on, i might make a brutal war between the Drakoans and the Changelings to make a dramatic conclusion between their blood feud, but that's only an assumption of what I'll do. I might not though, depending on what I think is good ;P

    Dragonlich: The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack …

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  • Tytoquetra

    Special Announcments

    April 17, 2012 by Tytoquetra

    I am beginning to make these stories come out better and make a little more sense. But, I still have many ideas for other stories. Not all of them are going to revolve around the three Titans. And no, i did not steal the idea from the warriors series, but i am going to change the "prophecy" into something else to change that impression.:S

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