The Beast's Curse is a supposed "curse" that falls upon all Titans. This curse is bestowed to the three who are born first on each of the three seasonal moons. This Curse is said to begin with the Beasts of the Ancient Age. 

The TransformationEdit

The people who are cursed normally have their transformations in a magic-like manner. Clouds of energy surround them and the energy cloaks them and reveals the beast within.

Canine and FelineEdit

The canine and feline beast forms are common among weres and drakoans. They have very similar transformation stages despite their opposite. Their backs hunch over and their ears grow and move up to the top of their heads if necessary. Fur grows thick and (if a drakoan) wings grow short fur and tails become hairy. Their muzzles elongate and then their teeth and claws grow longer and sharper.


Transforming into a Wolf-Dragon is very unusual. The first stages are all just the same as a Canine transformation. The back hunches over, claws, teeth, and the muzzle elongate. And the tail grows longer and more furry. But if the Cursed doesn't have wings or horns, new ones grow underneath the skin. They tear open the skin and they pop out from underneath.

Transforming BackEdit

A Beast turning back into their Nyovan form is just the same way as when they transformed. But only completely backwards The sharp claws and teeth are retracted back into their skulls, their hunched backs straighten out and wings are retracted back into their backs as if they were never there. Fur falls off and in some cases tusks and teeth do too.

Curse OriginsEdit

This curse dates back to the Time of the First Light. It was believed to be a sign from M'kau, however this is not true. The curse is bestowed upon all Titans through the blessing of the Seasonal Moons.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Demon's Curse is inspired from the video Kage Feels Like a Monster from YouTube and that's exactly where the pictures in the slideshow came from. But the Seasonal Moons thing was all by me :)

Keep calm, and Highland Dance, lass!!!! (╯°□°)╯ 04:37, February 2, 2013 (UTC)

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