Ayu is one of the animal characters in the The Chronicles of Drakoa. She is featured in A New Era.

General Information
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Gender Female
Age 16
Family None
Eye Color Brown
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Ayu is a loyal, compassionate Pantherwolf. She is fond of the Feather Shade Stormriver and is always looking out for her master. When around Stormriver she is almost like an overgrown pup, always begging for belly-rubs and tackling Stormriver and licking her face. Though Ayu does not always know her own strength and weight and often leaves Stormriver breathless.


Ayu does not have any special abilities abnormal to other Pantherwolves, though she can run exceptionally fast. Which is a pleasure to Stormriver, who loves to go fast. Ayu also has long, retractable claws and big paws that she uses to grip the ground so she can get better traction and to kill prey. Her tail has porcupine-like spikes at the end of it that have the ability to shoot at a target at will.