General Information
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Gender Male
Age Unknown
Family Keho
Eye Color Orange
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Asmodok is one of the Lords of Hell of the Underworld in The Chronicles of Drakoa book series. He is the Serpent brother of the three key Lords of Hell, Keho, Asmodok, and the leader, M'kau.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

Asmodok is a giant Flama Serpent. He has black scales with glowing, lava-like markings all over his body. He has frills and horns on his jaw and head and four huge fangs in his dispensable jaws. Fiery eyes and his back is lined with fire. Asmodok has the ability to spit lava and also coils around big objects to destroy or kill them. Asmodok is 2,000 feet in length, and has a bite force of about 300,000 lbs.

Myth and LegendEdit

In legend, Asmodok was at first an ordinary Flama Serpent, but when the father of the supposed "Lords of Hell" found him, he turned the snake into a giant behemoth.

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