Arko is the current leader of the Argonaut government. He rules with five other council members and everything was peaceful when he was in charge. He was good friends with the late Nachenyu leader Steelskull. In honor of his friend, he agrees to reunite the Nyovans to defeat Snipe and restore peace. Arko was a gryphon-type Argonaut and had feet like lion paws.


Arko is a good leader to his people, and an excellent father to his four sons, Dray, Crag, Troy, and Zeph. Troy was chosen by Arko to become the next King to the Argonauts. Jealousy grew among the other three brothers, but they knew that Troy was the most mature and fair of them all. He was an honorable warrior in combat and always killed with respect and honor and showed mercy to his subjects and enemies alike.

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