General Information
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Gender Male
Age 46
Family Zo'ran
Eye Color Blue
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Altair is one of the male protagonists in the Chronicles of Drakoa book series. He appears in the Legend of the Titans book.


Altair was always a serious man, even as a boy he was always focused and determined. When his father recruited him into the Solas Angel royal guard. There he was proven to be brave and selfless. Experience in the field brought out his wiser side and the status as someone to look up to.


Altair always kept his hair neatly combed, as was the Captain of the Solas Angel royal guard was supposed to to make himself more presentable. He had broad shoulders, golden skin, and brown markings. Altair has one scarred eye from the battle where he was promoted to Commander. Altair has his ring finger missing on his left hand.

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